The Carnegie Institute

Carnegie Institution for Science is an elegant  venue in Washington, DC with a uniquely circular ceremony/reception space and a long, stately staircase. To warm up the space, Elizabeth and Michael went with a fun floral palette of sage green, cream, lilac and blush with deep berry accents. We loved adorning the staircase with a lush and romantic vine of trailing greenery. Greenery vines were added to accent the escort card and sweetheart tables and filled in with blooms and lavender. Sweetpeas and garden roses added a delicate accent to the cake, and loads of candles created a sweet, romantic ambiance.

Planning: Kim Newton Weddings

Photography: Sam Stroud


3 Easy Steps: Choose a Wedding Florist You Can Trust

You know in your heart that your wedding florist understands your vision. You trust she has the skill to bring it to life within your budget. This leaves you feeling relaxed and excited in the days leading up to your wedding. These steps give you the tools to choose your florist based on trust instead of price tag.


It's hard to compare apples to apples when it comes to hand-crafted, custom designed, one of a kind floral arrangements. A good florist will be able to create a floral design plan that you love and that fits within your budget (as long as it fulfills her minimum). KNOWING your honest and true budget and being able to easily communicate that to a potential florist allows you the freedom to make the final decision based on who you trust the most rather than being stuck in a "how low can you go" pricing game.  Take the time to sit down with all of the people involved in paying for the wedding. A lot of couples spend 8-10% of their wedding budget on flowers depending on how flower heavy they go. Have an open and frank conversation about your overall budget and how the breakdown looks. Get comfortable and confident with your budget. 


Again, TRUST is the name of the game. You can learn tons about your potential wedding vendors before first contact. Here's how...

- Do you love her aesthetic? Look at her Instagram feed, blog,  website portfolio and published work. If you said "Spring Pastels and go..." do you have confidence she would hand you something you love? This is the kind of trust you are looking for. 

- Does she have a minimum budget requirement? If so, does your budget meet it? If not, try not to feel offended if she politely declines to work with you on this event. She might be able to recommend a different florist with a similar style but a business geared toward weddings in your price range. 

- READ HER REVIEWS! These are like friends whispering "I've been there and this was my experience". Look for quality over quantity. Sentences like "she understood how to make the space feel a certain way" and "she worked to understand my vision and created something better than what I could have imagined" help to build trust.

- Look at her about page. Do you like her as a person? Do your values seem to align? This part is about personality fit. Trust your instincts, it is much easier to work successfully with a person you like. 


Now that you have done the leg work, you are able to confidently save time and energy by narrowing your list down to two florists that you feel you already know and love. If you have a favorite, reach out to her first. Your florist will pick up on the vibe that you are already excited about her. Knowing you are serious will give her the confidence to put her heart and soul into understanding your vision. She will pour her creative juices into creating a mood board and proposal designed just for you that you can both fall in love with. 

Once you find a florist you can trust, sit back and enjoy being engaged!